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What do the top videogame techs of the world go through to create games, besides years of school that is? It's a question that a lot of people want to know the answer to. Not always are we interested in the conception and actual technical specificities of the games we play; but every now and again, the gamers' mind ponders.

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In the mind of a videogame designer, the first aspect that needs to be addressed is the entertainment value. Even if it were easy to create games, no one wants to play a bland game with no appeal. One of the first steps techs take when designing games is to think outside the box; think about not what you want, but what the public would want. After that, the next step taken to create games involves a story.

Various designers and writers are sometimes brought in to work on storyboards, storylines, and ultimately reach a completed piece to formulate the actual game around. The 'levels' or 'worlds' are all mapped out before the real creation gets underway. Many months of planning and design went into a simple, old game like Mario Brothers; can you imagine how much goes into a game like Grand Theft Auto? You have no idea!

Next up are the game's characters. The single most important aspect of a videogame, the main characters - the centerpiece of which the story revolves around - need to be painstakingly perfected and flawless in their design.

Characters are refined hundreds, sometimes even thousands of times before finalization. Those who create games have fun, no doubt, but at times, as with any job, the process can be grueling.

After the storyline and characters are developed, it's time to set the wheels in motion. Several programmers work to bring it all to life. Some employ the use of human actors to wear sensors to map an accurate 'skeleton' for the purposes of mapping human movement. And others are all CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), mapped out from sophisticated software. The environments then have to be cleaned up and perfected. Even the subtlest of details need to be addressed when designing a game.

Polygons make up the majority of 3D objects in a game and are defined by lines and each has a set to create its particular shape. Texture mapping is employed to transmit the information into a realistic, playable format. Think of the texture as skin to the polygons' muscle and bones. Programming is then used to bring it all together, making it possible for the game to have some logic.

After the game parts are put together accordingly to their design, the testing phase starts. Everyone who works to create games knows that the process is going to be long and drawn out. Thankfully, and hopefully, the testing is the homestretch. Different things like bugs and inconsistencies are looked for. After everything checks out okay, the game's ready to be marketed. If you're playing it, you know it's gone through a rigorous process. So think twice before throwing it out of the window.

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